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Her 32C breasts are perky and her nipples still point upwards.

She is tall at 5ft 11 and her long slim legs are perfectly topped by her firm athletic ass, sculpted by hours spent in the gym.

A middle aged woman, she explained that a younger woman might not feel comfortable with showing a house to a mom and son.

But she had promised the realtor a quick sale if she didn’t try to show us stuff out of her budget or give us any problems.

Just as we pulled up to the house, in my same school district, mom suddenly looked nervous.

She said “I really have gotten to love the flirting we did around your dad” I didn’t know what she meant by that but I found out soon enough.

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I was feeling especially horny as we set off to dinner as I had been sitting on the bed watching her get ready and admiring her sexy form whilst imagining what i was going to do to her later.

It was a hot sweaty journey and it was nice to step out of the shower and let the cool air dry her skin. She dressed in her black skirt heels with a white blouse and went to meet the others.

It turned out that all the others were from different businesses.

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