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The rock art and the associated natural scenery at 38 sites located in the Zuojiang River valley, in the southwest of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, southern China, were inscribed recently on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Huashan is probably the largest known rock art panel in the world, consisting of approximately 1900 identifiable figures and occupying an area of approximately 8000 m. Huashan, 56 secondary carbonate layers above and below the paintings were studied for their mineralogy, oxygen, and carbon isotopic compositions and dated by the Th/U dating results demonstrate that ages of the rock paintings can be bracketed between 1856±±41yr BP corresponding to the middle to the end of the Eastern Han dynasty (AD 25 to 220).The results imply that the rock painting practices at Mt.Zircon ages indicate at least two intrusive episodes, ∼25 and ∼90 ka, at times when silicic volcanism was rare, but basaltic volcanism was prevalent.Ar–Ar spectra require that the granitoids were completely crystalline thousands of years prior to their mobilization and eruption.Professors and teachers create their own private contests for their classes by selecting trading dates, initial cash balance, and many other trading parameters.

The stop-losses and targets of our equity tips are revised based on market condition. Which can be used for stock future 8 to 10 trading calls per month. Thus, precise determination of the timing and duration of the Laschamp excursion would help in elucidating major scientific questions situated at the intersection of geology, paleoclimatology, and anthropology.Here we present a North American speleothem geomagnetic record of the Laschamp excursion that is directly dated using a combination of high-precision Th dates and annual layer counting using confocal microscopy. for the main phase of the excursion, during which the virtual geomagnetic pole was situated at the southernmost latitude in the record.We have determined a maximum excursion duration that spans the interval 42.25−39.70 ka B. Multiple U–Th isotopic analyses of individual zircon crystals by ion microprobe define isochrons that discriminate between different crystallization ages of granitoid xenoliths in lavas erupted 10 years ago from Medicine Lake volcano, CA, USA.

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