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The first of the Big Five is Structural Functional theory, which explains society's expectations of us as members, and our inability to stray too far from those expectations.

Conflict theories explain the nature of self-interest in an otherwise tolerant society.

The FONDEVILLE mark as found on the back of a FONDEVILLE FLEURS plate: The script mark including the word CHINA as part of the mark used on many of the china (porcelain) pieces as made by SPI -- not a very distinct exam Ple: The GARDEN GREEN mark -- note that the ink color in this mark is green!

By your submission, you are granting us permission to publish your pictures, information, and questions should we so choose and as we so choose, whether in this format or other published formats by Sharon Dickinson, unless you state otherwise at the time of your submission. On the Museum's opening day, visitors were able to explore three main floor galleries: Fur Trade, Native Peoples of Alberta, and a display of early photographs of Aboriginal people taken by Ernest Brown and Harry Pollard. Grant Mac Ewan, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, was among the dignitaries attending the ceremony.The images featured a variety of structures ranging from a log cabin to a town house, a grain elevator to an Ontario-style barn, from a town hall to a church.Although the images were of buildings in Saskatchewan, similar structures can be found throughout the prairie west. November 1, 1968 - November 1, 1968 A display of artifacts from the R. Gonsett collection, comprising patent models, archival material, and working models, was added to the Human History Gallery.

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