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Swara Bhaskar's upcoming movie 'Anarkali of Arrah' revolves around an erotic singer from Ara in Bihar, popular for her songs. The actress leveraged her A-list status for a film that on the surface was about a couple’s nightmarish road trip but left the audience with a strong message about honour killing, patriarchy and violence.The success of bucks the trend of female stories that Bollywood has been telling. Anaarkali is an orchestra singer who sings lewd songs but defiantly unapologetic about her sexuality.The actress describes her character has being ‘very open about sex, her body and desires. ’’ Anaarkali’s overpowering sexuality is reminiscent of Vidya Balan’s portrayal of an ambitious junior artist Reshma who transforms into Silk, a sultry male magnet in There is school of thought that includes actresses like Anushka and Vidya Balan who hate the ‘women-centric’ tag. “By calling a film ‘female-centric’ we are putting it on a disadvantage.

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The trailer has received positive response from the audience. Deleted sex scenes of Swara Bhaskar from Anarkali of Aarah leaked’ has received more than 3,000 views.Anaarkali starts the conversation with ‘I am character-less. Films with male protagonists are just ‘films’ but if you are telling a woman’s story it becomes female-centric.Swara Bhaskar has already impressed everyone with her ‘Anaarkali of Aarah’ avatar.The sequence should be removed forthwith,” he said.Chandranan Ojha, a former member of central film censor board and politician has shot of f a memorandum to the chairman of the board, requesting him to remove the controversial scene from the film, which runs down the image of the university, which engages close to 70,000 students.

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