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Through case histories with which the author was personally involved, Senft shows how ordinary notions related to ethics, feminism, and personal and political issues on the Web are based on false assumptions and are proven, to different levels and extents, to be wrong.

Chapter 1, "Keeping It Real on the Web: Authenticity, Celebrity, Branding," considers the ideology of publicity, which for camgirls (that is, girls who practice Webcamming) translates into essentially three strategies: theatrical authenticity, self-branding, and celebrity.

, the short film by French director Mathilde Marc and 3-D animator Hugo Arcier, reinterprets the aesthetics of classic nude paintings, updating them with CG animation.

By drawing a connection between the work of artists like Manet, and modern day camgirls, the film is a subtle exploration of both the continuity of human nature through the ages and the unique paradoxes we are presented with today.

The book defines politics as "leveraging of power between connected entities" (5): therefore the dialectical nature of communication on the Web makes it an inherently political medium. The reports, which began at the end of May, have largely pointed the finger at an ongoing man-in-the-middle attack which has exposed Team Viewer users personal accounts.Amongst the numerous reports of bank accounts and Pay Pal accounts being emptied or used to make unauthorized purchases, Team Viewer are holding firm, maintaining that any fraudulent or malicious activity is likely the fault of the user.Hence, the difference between real celebrities and people such as those camgirls engaged in microcelebrity practices lies in the ways in which members of these groups address their respective audiences.The chapter also suggests that celebrities are commodities masquerading as people, while those engaged in microcelebrity are people experimenting with branding themselves as commodities, a point that the author discusses in chapter 2.

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